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Sheeting for dry seals
Acrylic sheet material for production of printing dry seals
Dimensions 280 x 305 mm
Thickness mm

Laser rubber

Standard rubber

Laser engraving 

Odourless laser

Dimension   А4   А4  А3, А4
Thickness  1.7 mm, 2,0 mm  2.3 mm  2.3 mm
Colours  grey  black  grey

IDEAL i40 photopolymer

Liquid Photopolymer IDEAL i40
Printable letters with thick, thick lines and filled objects.
Min. line thickness: 0.1 mm
Pitch: up to 85 lpi.

IDEAL i50 photopolymer

Liquid Photopolymer IDEAL i50
Stamps for small and fine details, fine and serif fonts, small symbols, thin lines and precise character.
Min.line thickness: 0.04 mm
Pitch: up to 100 lpi.

IDEAL iLW (For washing)

A liquid concentrate for cleaning.
It effectively removes residual polymer
IDEAL iLW guarantees excellent results whether used for manual or automatic washing.

Containment tape

Flexible tape to limit the area of ​​the poured photopolymer.

Thickness: 2 mm, 3 mm
Packing: rolls of 20 m

Stickers dry seals

Stickers dry seals- GOLD

IDEAL iPX - Salts


Salts photopolymer rubber stamp
Ready solution removes residual stickiness and strengthens rubber stamp.

Kodak RA3000

Kodak RA3000

For Kodak CONTACT FILMS 2000
concentrate 1:3

Kodak RA2000

Kodak RA2000 
For Kodak CONTACT FILMS 2000
concentrate 1:3

Protective film

Thin transparent film, protective film from the sticky polymer.

IMPORTANT: It is about twice as thick and provides a great distraction for contact printing. This gives a vague outline.
Width: 27 cm
Cuts in rolls of 122 meters


Sheet dimensions: 36,6 x 53,4 cm
Cuts in a box of 50 sheets

Foil is used on the back of subber stamp. Makes it stretchable and sustainable.
Distracted excellent UV light and makes your back flat and of uniform thickness.

Letter set 6004 TYPO

Letter set 6004

Letter set with 228 characters (EN or BG)
Character size: 4mm

Letter set 6003 TYPO

Letter set 6003 

Letter set with 336 characters (EN or BG)
Character size: 3mm